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Our cleaning process is catered to the individual needs of our clients. We offer services of full, refurbishing cleans that will restore the grill back to as close to showroom new as possible, minus any permanent pitting or scarring to the stainless due to prolonged heat and oxidation/carbon. This process is done by hand and typically takes 4-5 hours for the first initial cleaning. This does help condition the stainless, allowing future maintenance cleanings to be more productive.

Our maintenance style cleanings help maintain the grill, protecting against exterior oxidation and pitting, monitoring all parts for full and proper function, as well as maintaining the integrity of the grill body and helping to prevent flare-ups if on a regular schedule. It does not address the leftover details of the deep, restorative cleans, but when done on a regular schedule, helps prevent the need for any future deep cleaning.

*Results vary from client to client, dependent upon the type of grill, use, and location.*

Grill Cleaning

Deep clean and inspection of all grills in all applications. Specializing in rust and carbon removal. Pricing for grill cleaning starts at $249 and increases based on the level of service and size of the grill.

Hood Vent Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor hood cleaning. Removing and cleaning interior hood and filters and polishing all stainless surfaces removing any rust spots and patina. Hoods start at $199 and increase based on built-in application/style and size.

Ice Machine Cleaning

Ice machine cleaning, mold and mildew removal. Indoor and outdoor rust and carbon removal from stainless surfaces, including door fronts. Starts at $179 for residential units.


What are some tips to maintain my grill?
  1. ALWAYS keep the lid open while grilling at any temperature above medium.
    *If searing steaks, it is ok to close the lid at high searing temperatures for 2-4 minutes at a time.*
  2. ONLY preheat your grill for 7-10 minutes, and lid down.
  3. NEVER burn off your grill when finished, unless a timer is set for 10 minutes and only with the lid up.
  4. A shop vac is a great tool in keeping the briquette trays, if applicable, flame tamers, and the floor of the grill free of loose and burnt-off food debris.
  5. Any wooden grill paddle, nylon brush, or grill scrub pad is good for keeping the grates scraped down before and/or after grilling. NEVER use wire brushes, as these will shed inside the grill.

"Grill Masters transformed our BBQ from carbon black back to shiny stainless! They worked hard and did what they said they would do plus gave us excellent advice! Use them they are the best I’ve seen! You’ll see a huge difference! 5 stars.

Gary L.

"I needed the grill to be up and running for houseguests coming that weekend. Kristin was able to get my ignition working despite poor installation of the ignition at the time of purchase. She then did a thorough cleaning of all parts of my grill. It looked great when it was finished. Thanks Kirsten for your prompt response and thorough work."

Catherine G.

"Unfortunately the grill was beyond repair. Grill Masters had already researched the model and determined our options weren't many because there are no spare parts available for my high end 16 year old unit. They could not have been nicer even though they did not get a dime for their effort. Nice folks doing the right thing!"

Dennis C.


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